Monday, April 2, 2012

Spring Break Day 1

It's Spring Break in sunny southern California. But, I find myself incapable of truly enjoying it. I was in that stupid car accident over two months ago and my back still aches. So, I am going to approach a week and a half of vacation from a different perspective. I am not going to the beach or to the park. I am not having a ton of visitors. I hate to say that I am not even really going to take care of my daughter. I am still going to send her to day care. Instead, I am going to spend time not doing anything except trying to get my back better- which is what I should have done 2 months ago. I just hope this works. Spring Break Day 1 Agenda: 1. Start Laundry 2. Drop daughter at day care. 3. Eat breakfast and catch up on DVR 4. Blog 5. Watch random movie from DVD collection 6. Start writing my book/autobiography 7. Lunch with hubby 8. Gym for a swim 9. Grade papers 10. Take daughter to dance class. 11. Make dinner.

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