Thursday, April 5, 2012

Tick-Tock Tick-Tock

I restarted the coo-coo clock in my living room a couple days ago.  I don't even know why I let it stop; nonetheless, I restarted it.  I shut off the coo-coo bird so it wouldn't wake me up like the mantle clock did. (That was until I took the batteries out of it.)  In any case, I found myself lying here at 1 this morning listening to the clock ticking. Tick-Tock.  Tick-Tock.  And, I started asking myself questions-- way too many questions.  Questions that again make me realize that while I know my priorites, I am not making them my priorities.

1.  Will I ever find the time to go to the gym and exercise more than once or twice a week?

2.  Will I ever find the time to really write my book- not just start it?

3.  Will I find the time to have another baby?  *That of course is dependent on my back healing and the results of blood tests I have yet to get done.

Tick-Tock.  Tick-Tock.

4.  Will I ever find the time to grade all those papers I brought home to grade over Spring Break?

5.  I need to find the time to grade those placement essays I agreed to grade for the school.

6.  I need to find the time to be an auntie.

7.  I miss my hubby.

Tick-Tock.  Tick-Tock.

8.  I need to find the time to scrub the house before my brothers come over to dye Easter Eggs tonight.

9.  I also need to go to the grocery store before they come over so that I actually have spaghetti to serve for our spaghetti dinner.

10.  I need to figure out this whole sleep schedule thing with Sapphira.  What time should she be going to bed?  How much time should she spend sleeping?  She's done everything else early.  Is she giving up naps early too?

Tick-Tock  Tick-Tock

11.  I hate it when people waste my time.

12.  Why can't they give us more time for spring break?  Oh I know.  Then they'd have to take time from somewhere else- like summer vacation and I like that thought even less.

13.  I need to find the time to visit my friends in L.A. more.

14.  When can I call Suzanne to schedule that coffee date I mentioned when we saw each other earlier this week?

Tick-Tock.  Tick-Tock.

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