Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Battles with a 2 year old

Battle #1
        "You're wearing blue jeans with your rainbow shirt."
       "No bwue jeans."
        "If you want your rainbow shirt, you have to wear blue jeans."
        "No bwue jeans. Tights."
         "All your tights are dirty, Sapphira."
         "No bwue jeans."
         Finally, I dig and I find one pair of brown sweat pants. Those will do for Sapphi. They aren't tights, but they aren't bwue jeans either. So long as they aren't the latter my obsessive-compulsive two year old is happy.

Battle #2
      "No day care."
     "You have to go to day care, Sapphira."  She does not know I am on spring break because if she did there's no way I could possibly send her to day care without the world's greatest tantrum. She also does not know that my hubby took the day off.  He is cleaning.  I am trying to get my back to stop hurting.
     "No day care," she says even more emphatically.  "Mama work."
    "You can't go to work with mama.  My students wouldn't get anything done."
    "Mama work."
   "No, Sapphi.  You can't go to work with mama."
   "Daddy working."
   "You can't go to work with daddy."
   "Go daddy working."
   "Sapphi.  You cannot go to work with daddy either.  Daddy wouldn't get any work done.  Keith wouldn't get any work done.  You have to go to day care."
    "No want to go to Sharon's house."
   "You have to go to day care, Sapphira."
   "Daddy work."
  This battle lasts all the way to day care at which point it turns to battle number 3.

Battle #3
  "I love you, Sapphi.  Give me big hugs and kisses.:
   "Mama."  She clings to my leg.
    "mama will see you later."
   "Mama."  I pick her up and give her a fierce hug.  "Mama."
   "Mama can't stay."
   As I walk to the door, she circles me protectively and the day care provider tries to distract her.

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