Thursday, February 9, 2012

Bring in the Rain

I know it's cliched. I know it's the title of a song. Actually, I wake up to that song every day now. I programmed the alarm on my phone to use that song. Why would a girl do something like that? It's simple really. I did it because there has been so much rain in my life over the last few years that I feel like there's about to be some major flooding. For the first time in my life, I feel like I am prepared to handle all that rain and the floods, torrents even, of consequences that come with it. I have had to look for a job four school years in a row. There were two deaths in my family in less than a year of time. I have had two major surgeries- including a c-section- which means I became a mom. I have a two year old daughter who has been the greater part of the last 4 months sick. I have coped with family drama, and overcome fears. I have been in a moderate to severe car accident. So, I say. Bring on the rain. God made me a strong woman who can handle problems, cope with pain, and keep on keeping on. And, if there's a flood? I'm a good swimmer. If I can't swim that well? God has blessed me with many people who will throw me a line.

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