Saturday, April 10, 2010

I hate paranoid schizophrenics...

My family was SUPPOSED TO have a yard sale today. So, I got up at 5 AM and got dressed. My hubby took our daughter to his parent's house so they could watch her. We got to my father's house and started setting up. My paranoid schizophrenic brother- Rockey- was being nearly useless as usual. He's bringing stuff out and just putting it everywhere making it even harder to set up. And, he's walking around muttering to himself which is annoying as Hell because he's muttering about setting me on fire for my part in "the atrocity". I'm not really sure what atrocity he's talking about to be honest.

Anyway, I finally told Rockey that either he could spend the day away and my other brother, my hubby, my friend, and I would run the sale and he could have his share at the end of the day. Or, we could leave and it would be him and our brother Adam. He told me that if I left, I didn't get my share. And, anything that I left would be put out to be sold.

It turned into this great shouting match in front of the house at 7 AM. I started taking all my things, and he kept getting in my way. He was purposely trying to get me to hit him so he could have me arrested. Instead, I found a couple really big things to throw- not at my brother as I should have done- just out into the yard. Then I kicked an umbrella- one of those long ones with the point on the end. I kicked it just right so it pierced the wall and stuck.

My friend told him to leave me alone, so he told her to shut the hell up because she was not part of the family and it was none of her business. Needless to say, I really lost it then. (Nobody messes with my daughter's auntie and gets away with it.) Hubby had to restrain me. This is when I got on the phone and called the cops. Of course, Rockey immediately stopped his muttering and left me alone. I got most of my things. Hubby called his dad and he came to get the few things my hubby wanted. While we waited, Rockey's girlfriend came out of the house and called me a 5 year old. She proceeded to call him a child and tell us we need adult supervision.

By this time, the police were here. I told one my story. My brother told the other his story. We agreed that my brother had to stay out of my way until I got everything that was mine out of the house. Needless to say,Rockey has banned me from going to my father's house anymore. But, my other brother evicted him. (That's another blog altogether.)

So, I got a last walk through the house and made sure I took all my stuff. Now, I have to go buy a box of chocolates or something as an apology for the neighbors because one of them woke up and came outside to make sure everything was okay.

Sigh- if he had ignored the voices instead of talking to them about burning me for my involvement in "the atrocity" it would have not gotten to that point. I mean geez- the courts declared him capable of controlling his illness, so he should control it instead of being an a$$ hole about it.


  1. I can't stand them either I have a mom who is schizo and still refuses to egt treatment

  2. she has become increasingly worse, in retrospect think-ing back it is obvious why she allowed and did some of the things to me that she did.Not to long ago for the first time she confided in my aunt and myself that she has an angel that will come to her sometime sand tell her certain things and she will ask it certain questions, this was after she was going on and on about aliens . I know I should have found myself empathetic but Immediatly My blood started to boil and I asked her "Tell me mother I have a quettion for you, you have made a lot of bad descisions in your life , so when it came to me did this angel advise you then?" -I told her I cared about her but to stay away until she gets help, because she actually hads put me in dangerous situations in my life.As an adult she has been the cause of all sorts of problems when I tried to have a realationship with her . I went against the advise of a counsler and still had my mom in my life - my Mother waned me that if I insisted I have her in my life it could be emotionallly and pschologically damaging .She was right. One of the biggest heartbreaks in my life was trying to cope with the loss of my mother - because it is very confusing as a child of a schizo when they are the greatest parent and your best friend in the world and then all of the sudden they snap and scream"what the hell did you say to me "-because they just heard a voice .Then because this person believes thier delusion they grab a belt or a lampchord and lash you not only leaving whelts but splitting the skin -when you are like 5 or 8 . I do believe that there is a spirit realm out there -in my life because it always fascinated me when a schizo hears a voice where does it come from? how do we know a schizo just isnt a person who is weak being tormented by demons? All I know is that everytime I am stuck in a situation with one -and they trip out on me -My blood boils. I know its wrong to hate but I have grown to hate them with a passion (The ones who dont get help)