Monday, March 8, 2010

Baby Food Fiasco

Introducing baby to food is no simple task. You give baby a food from the first foods list. She eats that for three days- in addition to her nursing or formula. After three days, you add another food to her menu, and so on until you have all the first foods. Once she is an independent sitter, you move on to second foods, and so on with the developmental stages. Foods like beef and milk products are last foods. So, my daughter is on first foods: sweet potatoes, squash, prunes, peas, apple sauce- all low on the allergen chart and fairly easy to digest.

That said, let me share what happened. My grandmother was babysitting my daughter and her older cousin. While feeding older cousin- pureed vegetable beef stew, my daughter threw a fit. She wants hers, and she wants it now. So what does my grandmother do? She gives it to her- just a little. Do you have any idea what "just a little" can do to a 5 month old? Geez Luis. It's no wonder she had diarrhea that night. The only vegetable in veggie beef soup she has had is carrots. What if she was allergic to beef or onion? I would have taken her to the hospital and had no idea why she was sick.

I know. Grandma didn't do it on purpose. She wouldn't do anything to hurt her. Etc., etc. etc. But, she didn't stop to think and that could have really hurt my daughter. Sigh. I think I'm done now.

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