Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Job Status- Typical LAUSD

Typical LAUSD

In March 2009, I was given a RIF notice effective the last day of the school year. Early September 2009, I am rehired. I go immediately out onto maternity leave. Rather than find me a permanent position, I am pooled at Santee Ed. Complex- my school site from the previous school year. They are supposed to find me a position when I come back.

In mid-November, I go back to work. They don't have a permanent position for me somewhere, so I report to Santee every day. I am placed on Track B- which means I am supposed to be on vacation from March 3 to April 4. For a while I tutor to help kids prepare for the CAHSEE. After the CAHSEE, I have nothing to do on most days. March 1, I get to school and the secretary tells me I am not supposed to be there. So, I go and talk to my principal and he shows me this e-mail he got. It says I am supposed to be at a middle school in East L.A. But, nobody told me. He talks to the HR guy and the HR guy says to "hold off on it for now." What the heck does that mean? Where am I supposed to be working? Am I supposed to be going off-track? Where do I go when I go back to work? The worst part is that they could call me at any given time and tell me that I need to report to another school site the next day.

Sigh. I hate it when everything is up in the air.

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