Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Done being the fat girl

Recently I got called skinny for the first time in quite some time- well, probably in my entire life. Maybe I was called skinny when I was a kid, but I'm thinking not. Friday last week I went into one of my colleagues classrooms to pick up some cash because he was treating me to ice cream. As I left to go purchase said Ice Cream, some of his Leadership students approached him and asked him who I was. (These are the same students I worked with to plan the Dr. Seuss event on our campus in early March- right before my surgery.) He told them that I worked with them on the Dr. Seuss event and they admitted they did not remember me. When I came back, he told me what happened and then had the girls introduce themselves to me. So, I introduced myself. "jennifer Romero. English teacher and co-planer of the Dr. Seuss event." I think when they heard my voice they recognized it because suddenly they knew exactly who I was.

Later that afternoon I went out for drinks with some of my colleagues- including Mr. Trebor. He informed me that when I left the girls told him I was "skinny" and asked what happened. I've been dieting and exercising- which is true- but, that diet was helped along by my surgery.

I can't begin to explain how it makes me feel to have someone call me skinny for the first time in my life. Two years ago before my daughter was born I set a goal for myself. I was done being the fat girl. I guess it's true now. I really am done being the fat girl.

New Nickname: skinny bones, skinny bones Jones

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