Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year, Cupcake!

It's 2014.  This could be a huge year for my cupcake, or it could not.  This year she turns 5. She may or may not start Kindergarten. She will probably take her first communion.  And, she will begin to explore new activities beyond dance class:  soccer, gymnastics, and piano are all options.   Whatever happens though, I find that my hopes and prayers for her are the same.

 I pray that
   she makes new friends.

   she grows in her faith

   she continues to explore the world around her

   she continues to love freely
   she knows she is loved exactly the way she is
   she is confident in herself
   she doesn't give up because something is boring or because it is
   she is healthy

Most of all, I pray that she is happy- not surface happy because she has lots of toys, clothes, books, etc.- but deep down happy because she has a  village of people supporting her.


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